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D&B Hoovers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is D&B Hoovers?

A: D&B Hoovers is the new name for the (former) Avention OneSource platform.

Q: What are the key benefits of the new D&B Hoovers solution?

A: D&B Hoovers combines Dun & Bradstreet's best-in-class content with robust capabilities in a user-friendly interface to deliver a sales acceleration platform packed with actionable insights. It enables Sales and Marketing professionals to accelerate sales, enhance their go-to-market activities while driving business growth globally.

The new D&B Hoovers provides:

  • Comprehensive Data Intelligence: Access to 265+ million business records from 30,000 sources in 190 countries, updated 5 million times per day together with editorial insights on 40,000+ companies and 1,000 industry segments. PLUS industry-leading contacts on 70+ million professionals.
  • Powerful Capabilities: Alerts, triggers, and profiling capabilities that use both structured and unstructured data to provide deep and actionable intelligence on global companies and contacts in a user-friendly format.

Q: How can I learn more about D&B Hoovers?

A: You can learn more about the D&B Hoovers platform here. You can also register for a product demo or register for a FREE trial evaluation.

Q: What is “Sales Acceleration”?

A: Sales Acceleration - which provides sales and marketing professionals with actionable market and company information enhanced by software - is a discipline that delivers refined information to make B2B data more current, connecting it with buying signals, and providing it with relevant context. It's the key to increasing the yield of sales and marketing activities by surfacing information that's current, connected, insightful, customized, accessible, and actionable.

You can find out more about "Sales Acceleration" by downloading the recent Outsell report which discusses how information enhanced by software and technology drives business relationships and sustainable growth.

Q: Who can I speak with for more information?

  • Existing Dun & Bradstreet customers: Please contact your Account Manager, or call the Dun & Bradstreet/Hoover's hotline at (800) 486-8666.
  • Former Avention customers: Please contact your Account Manager, or call Customer Support at (800) 433-0287, or email
  • Former Hoovers customers: Please contact your Account Manager, or call Customer Support at (800) 486-8666 or email
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